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Municipality of Haria Lanzarote.

Lanzarote. February, 18, 2019.

Municipality of Haria
Municipality of Haria

The municipal area of Haría contains many of a natural marvels which can be enjoyed in the island of Lanzarote located in the Famara Massive. In its territory is to be found the culminating point of Lanzarote the "Peñas del Chache" with an altitude of 670 metres, as well as the beautiful stratovolcano of Monte Corona, from which originated an extensive "Malpais".

The Malpais (literally bad country) abound in the Canary Archipielago and are known by this name due to the sterility of their soil, formed by tongues of olidified, degraded lava. The accidented terrain, the panoramic views and the volcanic circuits have made his area a touristic route of great importance.

The Haría Valley is outstanding, being the place in Lanzarote where the largest number of trees are to be found, and extensive palm groves.

But, without a doubt, the most important attractions in this part of Lanzarote are the "Jameos del agua" and the Cueva de los verdes". These two caprices of volcanic geology have been adapted to the needs of tourism without altering their natural beautify in the very slightest.

The "Jameos del agua" is an astonishing volcanic gallery approximately 200 metres long which contains a lake of crystal-clear water formed by the penetration of the sea water and in which live aunique specimens of blind albino crabs among the abyssal fauna. There one can enjoy an original auditorium where concerts and artestic events of a high level are held.

The "Cueva de los verdes" (cave of the Greens) is located in another sector of the same volcanic gallery. It is an exceptional grotto of undoubted geologinal value.

The desire to develop the tourist industry has led to its being equipped with an impressive light and sound installation and it is equipped with a spacious conecrt hall.The volcanic conduits of this group of caves are among the most spectacular and famous in the world, as they are more than six kilometres in length, withou counting the part which continues under the sea, and they have been completely explored, thus beating the world record of underwater cave exploration.

One of the most spectacular words of Haría is the "Mirador del río" constructed by César Manrique, the great Lanzarote artist. This "Mirador is in the exteme north of the island, at the edge of a spectacular cliff. from where one can contemplate the group of islets situated to the north of Lanzarote: La Graciosa, Alegranza, Montaña Clara and Los Roques.

The port of Orzola, one of the villages of the area, is the starting point of excursions to La Graciosa. This connection has played an important role in the development of trade with La Graciosa, the only island which is habited.

Haria Lanzarote
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Orzola Lanzarote
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Escudo de armas de Haria Jameos del Agua en Haria Jameos del Agua en Haria Cueva de los verdes en Haria
Mirador del Rio en Haria Mirador del Rio en Haria Jardín de Cactus en Haria Valle de Palmeras en Haria

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