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Municipality of Tinajo Lanzarote.

Lanzarote. February, 18, 2019.

Municipality of Tinajo
Municipality of Tinajo

Situated in the centre-west of the island, more than half of its 136 square kilometres is covered by the lavas of the volcanic erupcions of the eighteenth century.The municipal area has an ample sea coast, between "Punta Prieta" and that of "El Roncador". The northeast sector is at the moment being urbanized for tourist purposes. It is the so-called Costa de la Santa (Coast of the Saint).

Mos interesting as a natural phenomenon, is the "Islata" an elevated reef surrounded by a tangue of sea, similar to a marsh. Near the "Costa de la Santa" is the famous cave of "Ana Viciosa", mentioned in the old tales of piratas.

In the eastern part of Tinajo, near the village of Soo (Teguise municipal area), the mounth of the great cauldron named "El Cuchillo" can be seen. This has the peculiarity of preserving intact its southern part, which forms a great precipice in the form of an arch. The upper edge or reverse side of "El Cuchillo", which open onto the plaints of Timbaiba, is covered by the moving sands of "El Jable".

One of the interesting locations due to its typism is "La Vegueta" an agrarian area which has always had great importance because of the characteristics of the soil. Its religious centre is in Yuco, where the hermitage dedicated to the "Virgen de Regla" is located.

However, thers is not doubt that the virgin which is most venerated in Tinajo is the "Virgen de los Dolores", known here as the " Virgin of the Volcanes" who symbolizes the deliverance from suffering of the island.

During the eruptions of the Volcano Tinguaton during the eighteenth and nineteenth Centuries, according to the legend, the present patron of the island was borne before the sea of lava which carried away everything in its path, and on both occasions the flow of lava stopped during her presence.

The hermitage of "Mancha Blanca" and a cross, are symbols of the divine intervention to mitigate the volcano's thist for destruction. In order to celebrate these miracles, every 15 September the festivity of the Virgin of the Volcanos is held in this hermitage.

One of the places in Tinajo which must be visited is the Church of San Roque, where two important images are kept, one of Christ, which is attributed to Luján Pérez, and also a valuable carving of the "Virgin of Candlemas" by the sculptor, Estévez. Some of the houses in Tinajo are surmounted by chimneys in the form of onions which are very original. These constructions can also seen in other parts of Lanzarote and are a clear exponent of the popular architecture of the island.

Tinajo is one of the municipalities which has most agrarian importance in the island due to its good soil and its orientation in the direction of the trade winds. In this area all the characteristic methods of cultivation of Lanzarote can be seen: "Gavios" (drainage ditches), "jables" (crozes), "enarenados" (sand-covered areas) both natural and artificial, etc.

Tinajo Lanzarote
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La Santa Lanzarote
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Escudo de armas de Tinajo Club La Santa en Tinajo Municipalidad de Tinajo Lanzarote
Virgen de los Volcanes en Tinajo Volcán de Timanfaya en Tinajo Volcán de Timanfaya en Tinajo

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