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Description of Lanzarote, the Fire Island.

Lanzarote. February, 18, 2019.

Lanzarote is a a gift of nature and without any doupt an incomparable paradise combining the magic of its history with an enviable climate throughout the year, beautiful beaches and breathtaking landscapes, a paradise of unique nature which friendly people proved to know how to take care of.

Lanzarote is a volcanic island, looking arid and desert, largely covered by lava fields caused by volcanic eruptions in the eighteenth century. Lanzarote consists of seven municipalities: Arrecife (capital of the island), Haría, San Bartolomé, Teguise, Tías, Tinajo y Yaiza.

Location and surface:


Situated at a distance of only 130 km to the African coast (Cabo Juby) and 1,000 km to the Iberian Peninsula and between the Northern parallels of latitude 29°25? (Alegranza) and 28°50, (Punta de Papagayo) and the Eatsern meridians of longitude 13°20' (Roque del Este) and 13°57' (Punta Ginés), Lanzarote is the most oriental of the Canary Islands. Taking in consideration all the small isles around it, its total surface amounts to 902 km2. It reaches approximately 58 km of longitude and 34,5 km of latitude. The island`s highest point is the mountain Peñas del Chache of about 678 m height and the total extension of the coast amounts to 213 km2.

location of lanzarote

Climate of Lanzarote:


The climate of Lanzarote is one of the main reasons to make it an attractive holiday destination. Why is it such a pleasant climate? It’s generated by the clash of the high temperatures arriving from the African Sahara Desert with the cold ocean current of the Gulf of Mexico. The presence of the ocean not only grants the island a soft humidity but also regulates its temperature reaching an average value of 21° in January and 28° in August. Considering an anual average precipitation of 140 mm and a water temperature between 17° and 22°, Lanzarote is a climatical paradise that can be hardly found at other places in the world. It is a paradise that allows its visitors to enjoy the summer throughout the whole year.

climate of lanzarote

People of Lanzarote:


The enchantment about Lanzarote results from the fact to be a place that has not been completely created yet. Not for nothing the UNESCO declared the island “Biosphere Reserve” in 1993. Likewise enchanting as their island are the people living on it, people that show us how important it is to appreciate the place one lives in, obtaining to grow fruits on a droughty volcanic land with patience and intelligence. One of those prudent islanders was Cesar Manrique, an artist, architect and excellent decorator, who, based on the most beautiful existing creation, nature, created landscapes and places of beauty and fantasy.

people of lanzarote

Economy of Lanzarote:


The main economic activity of Lanzarote is tourism, which has developed and addressing a strategic and structured model that has managed to care and to keep the island, this model of tourism development is recognized worldwide. Lanzarote receives annually visits by about two million tourists mostly from Europe, being a preferred destination for British, Ireland, Germans and lately Spanish residing in the Iberian Peninsula.

Good weather, beautiful beaches, a diverse and comfortable offer lodgings consisting of over 65,000 beds, located almost entirely in three tourist urban centers (Puerto Del Carmen, Costa Teguise and Playa Blanca) and regular flights from over 30 cities in Europe, make it an attractive tourist destination.

economy of lanzarote

Lanzarote, besides providing a pleasant climate and offer convenient hotels, it offers to those who visit a prominent network of centres of tourist interest. At this web site we have put together the most prominent centers and tourist attractions, so for those who want to come to Lanzarote can be informed and if you have already been in Lanzarote, you will remember pleasant moments when you visited these places.

Lanzarote offers everything one can imagine spending a restful and pleasant holiday: beaches of incredible beauty, entertainment, friendship, new knowledge about life and our planet, quite an aliment to revitalise the spirit.

........"They are the Champs Elysees, which are on the corners of the world, where men had a peaceful life without any snow or rain or harsh winters, enjoying a permanent fresh air caused by winds from the ocean....( Homero)."


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