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Fauna and environment of Lanzarote.

Lanzarote. February, 18, 2019.

The star role in the fauna of Lanzarote is taken by the birds. If we consider only the especies that permanently nest on the island we reach a number of more than 30. Some of them are the guincho, the águila marina (white-tailed eagle), the avutarda (bustard), the hubara and guirre or alimoche. Other especies that periodically visit the island are the pardeta and the aveta or halcón de eleonor.

The same way striking as the birds fauna is the pisciculture for its diversity of especies and abundance. Some of the most mentioned are the vieja (parrotfish), mero (grouper), sargo (brace), salema, bocinegro, sama, congrio (conger eel), arenque (herring), sardina (sardine) and tunino.

Furthermore deserves special mention the blind albino crayfish which living in the interior lagoon of the Jameos del Agua in the North-East of the island has provided the island with a special publicity for being an unique especie in the world.

Fauna de Lanzarote  Fauna de Lanzarote  Fauna de Lanzarote  Fauna de Lanzarote  Fauna de Lanzarote


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