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History of Lanzarote.

Lanzarote. February, 18, 2019.

The Canary Islands are seven islands of volcanic origin. One theory that could explain the existence of these islands is the displacement of the African plaque to the East and the existence of a hot spot in a depth of 3.000 km which when becoming active several million years ago disgorged magma and so over many years created the seven islands.

This theory explains the old age of the islands. With an age of 180 million years Lanzarote is the oldest of the Canary Islands while El Hierro with an age of only 750.000 years is the youngest.

According to the history the island of Lanzarote owes its name to the Genoese navigator Lancelotto Malocello. He arrived at Lanzarote in 1312 at a time that only few navigators achieved to cross the Atlantic Ocean. The stream of the ocean took the ships of his crew up the African Coast and then to the West – direction to the „end of the world“. When the ships finally capsize the fortunate navigators save their lifes by reaching the Canary Islands of which the create a legend when returning home later. Over many centuries and until today many identify the Canary Islands as the grand submerged continent Atlantis about which Platon tells us.

The conquest of Lanzarote was finally begun 100 years after its discovery. In 1402 arrives Juan de Bethencourt at the coasts of the Canary Islands preparing the attack to Lanzarote on the neighbour island of La Graciosa. But as big surprise to him and his soldiers, the islanders, peolpe that for years had suffered permanent pirat attacks, received them very kindly.

Bethencourt then established a government of Lanzarote under the Crown of Enrique III de Castilla.


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