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People of Lanzarote.

Lanzarote. February, 18, 2019.

The islanders, same as their ancestors the guanches, are very friendly and polite people whose personality has been defined by their work on the sea and the fields. The poor precipitation of rain obligded the islanders to find a way to obtain fruits from the fields to ensure their survival on this droughty land.

The hostility of the island made the people inventing a way to obtain benefit and profit from the fields using the hostile element itself – the volcanic ashes. This makes the agriculture a special work. Furthermore, it was the hostility of the sea and the distance to the fish grounds that provoked the development of the ports which then allowed the departure from the capital of Arrecife counting on an important fish industry.

Since the eighties, the tourism has taken the first place under the economic activities which slowly put back the fishery and so the agriculture striking through the special way of winegrowing in the village of La Geria. All the economic activities on the island involve the respect and precaution for the environment ensuring a long lasting development. The hot climate throughout the whole year is the main reason for the development of the leisure industry, the entertainment and sports on excellent instalations.

People of Lanzarote  People of Lanzarote  People of Lanzarote  People of Lanzarote  People of Lanzarote


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