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Lanzarote Biosphere Reserve, declared by Unesco.

Lanzarote. February, 18, 2019.

Lanzarote was declared Biosphere Reserve by the UNESCO, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, in 1993. The great and multilateral artist Cesar Manrique was one of those contributing a big part to this declaration. One of the aspects to declare Lanzarote biosphere reserve was the fantastic work Manrique accomplished on the island unifying art and nature.

The declaration as biosphere reserve acknowledges the hard work men and women did for decades in order to establish and strengthen an innovative and original model of development. This allowed the island to put itself on the vanguard of a movement set off in order to curb the voracity of the increasing tourism industry.

What is a biosphere reserve?

A biosphere reserve is a representative area of territories which importance has been internationally approved by the United Nations, likewise to preserve as to provide practical knowledge in order to achieve an enduring development. The declaration as biosphere reserve tends to ensure a future that is build up on the history itself. There are more than 300 biosphere reserves that have been declared in about 100 different countries.

The objective of a biosphere reserve is to preserve the values of nature by means of a scientifically correct, socially respectful, culturally creative and fully functional custody. Lanzarote holds a high environmental quality providing space for protected enclaves and pure laboratories in order to rise to the challenge associated with the declaration as biosphere reserve.


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