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Archipelago Chinijo Lanzarote.

The Archipelago of Chinijo consists of the islands of La Graciosa , Alegranza and Montaña Clara and the Roques del Este and Roques del Oeste.

La Graciosa is the only one of the islands that is inhabited. The people living here work as fishers or in small scale in the tourism. In 1986 the Archipelago of Chinijo and the impressive Famara Cliff have been declared National Park by the Canary government because of its natural attraction.

La Graciosa is the biggest of the islands belonging to the Archipelago of Chinijo. It has an extension of about 27km2 and is inhabited by about 600 people basically settled down in Caleta de Sebo and Pedro Barba . The island owes its name to the navigator Juan de Bethancourt who found it quite „funny“ („ gracioso “) when sighting it in 1402.

People also think for being plagued so badly by pirats in the past, it served to inspirate Robert Louis Stevenson when writing „The Treasure Island“.

Unlike the other isles of the archipelago, La Graciosahas a mostly plane surface offering broad beaches of golden sand and spectacular beauty. The most striking ones are the Playa de la Cocina , Playa del Francés , Playa del Salao and the Playa de las Conchas . La Graciosa is reached by a ferry departing from the port of Orzola in the North of Lanzarote.

Alegranza has a surface of about 10km2 and reaches a maximum height of 298m. It´s the most Northern point of the archipelago and gives refuge and the possibility of nesting to numerous birds, such as the guincho ( Pandian haliaetus ) and the Eleonor falcon ( Falca eleanarae ).

The Roque del Este is situated at a distance of about 12km from Lanzarote and is the most Eastern point of the Canary Islands. Offering s surface of only 700m2 and a maximum height of only 84m, it can still be identified. The specialness of the isle is created by a subaqueous cave of about 100m crossing the isle from North to South by a diameter of up to 5m. Due to its scarped clefts, it makes it almost inaccessible but at least there can be found one landing point called La Cueva.

Archipelago Chinijo Lanzarote Archipelago Chinijo Lanzarote Archipelago Chinijo Lanzarote

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