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Jameos del Agua Lanzarote.

Lanzarote. February, 18, 2019.

The Jameos del Agua are situated in the North of Lanzarote and are part of the volcanic system of the Atlantis cave formed by the eruptions of the volcano La Corona 3 million years ago. Jameo is an aborigine word that designates the part of a volcanic tube which roof has broken down as result of the accumulation of gases. This created a circular cavity open to the day light. Two orifices and the section of the tube where the magma came through constitute the basis for the formation of the Jameos del Agua.

In the inside of the cave one can find a natural lake of transparent water where an endemic species of the island lives in: it´s a species of a minuscule and blind albino crayfish of unknown origin. It was the image of that crayfish that the artist Cesar Manrique chose to create the symbol of the Jameos del Agua.

The Jameos del Agua are entered through the Jameo Chico which is used as restaurant and connected with the bigger jameo (Jameo Grande) by a pass of 100m of length and 12m of breadth crossing the lake where the "jameito" (the albino crayfish) lives in. The Jameo Grande is a wonderful garden of rich vegetation and a terrific artificial pool of turquoise water which is perfectly integrated in its environment. At the end of this jameo one can find an auditorium of extraordinary acoustics and capacity for 600 auditors. There are various cultural events taking place here, e.g. concerts, ballet or theatrical performances.

The first part of the volcanic tube in direction to the sea transits under the ocean bed in an extension of 1.5 km and is also known as "the Atlantis Tunnel".

From the Jameos it is possible to access the Casa de los Volcanes which, created in the 80th, is a centre of interpretation of the volcanism of Lanzarote and of the world. It´s recommended to visit the Jameos del Agua at night. The perfect ilumination gives a certain grade of intimacy that allows to enjoy the harmonic relation between the art and the nature. Furthermore it´s a diverting place offering musical spectacles and restautrant service with very good traditional dishes.

Jameos del Agua Lanzarote
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Jameos del Agua Jameos del Agua Jameos del Agua
Jameos del Agua Jameos del Agua Jameos del Agua

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