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Blanca Beach Lanzarote.

Lanzarote. February, 18, 2019.

Blanca beach is a small, open but waveless beach is the beach that gives name to the town of Blanca beach, which 10 years ago was a small fishing village and is now an established tourist area.

Blanca Beach is at the center of the shopping area and the Boardwalk, excellent location makes it a busy beach, the people who attend do so only for a few hours to relax, swim or take a walk after eating in restaurants.

Location Blanca Beach Lanzarote

General Information:

Type of beach:


-  Length: 40 m
-  Average Width: 8 m
-  Net occupancy rate: High
-  The degree of urbanization: Urban

-  Composition: Sand
-  Color of sand: Golden
-  Grain of sand: Fine
-  Bathing Conditions: Calm water


Equipment Services:

Photo Gallery:


-   Parking
-  Bus
-  Restaurants
-  Showers
-  Phone
-  Cleaning of beaches
-  Garbage cans
Blanca Beach Lanzarote
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Blanca Beach Lanzarote

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