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Caleta Del Congrio Beach Lanzarote.

Lanzarote. February, 18, 2019.

This beach is located in the protected natural park of Los Ajaches, access to the park has a cost of 3 euros per car. The beaches found in this park are called Playas del Papagayo beach although the true parrot is one.

Playa Caleta del Conger is next to Playa Puerto wheels, two beaches has a parking area for motor homes, is a camping area very comfortable and very well organized, in summer this parking area is full of RV people, mainly Lanzarote who here spend much of the season.

This beach is a popular beach, the product of people who settle here in their RVs, but finished the summer the beach is rarely visited, comes here the lovers of naturism people, was formerly a purely nudist beach, but now a mixed beach.

Location Caleta del Congrio Beach Lanzarote

General Information:

Type of beach:


-  Length: 310 m
-  Average Width:10 m
-  Net occupancy rate: High

-  Composition: Sand
-  Color of sand: White
-  Grain of sand: Fine
-  Bathing Conditions: Calm water


Equipment Services:

Photo Gallery:


-   Parking
-  Picnic Area
-  Monitoring Team
-  Showers
-  Dressing Rooms
-  Toilets
-  Garbage cans
Caleta Del Congrio Beach Lanzarote
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Caleta del Congrio Beach Lanzarote

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