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La Garita Beach Lanzarote.

Lanzarote. February, 18, 2019.

Playa de la Garita is in the village of Arrieta, we can say that this is the town’s beach. It is a golden sand beach, newly renovated with modern facilities, a pleasant promenade, parking and kiosk.

Playa de la Garita presents favorable conditions for the practice of Surf, is therefore one of the beaches preferred by those who practise the sport.

Location of Playa La Garita Lanzarote

General Information:

Equipment Services:


-  Length: 810 m.
-  Average Width: 5 m.
-  Net occupancy rate: Medium
-  Degree of urbanization: Semi-urban
-  Composition: Sand
-  Color of sand: Gold
-  Grain of Sand: Fine
-  Bath Conditions: Windy, Calm Water
-  Composition: Sand
-  Color of sand: White
-  Grain of sand: Fine
-  Bathing Conditions: Calm water

-   Bus
-   Parking
-   Lodging
-   Seasonal kiosks
-   Restaurants
-   Showers
-   Dressing rooms
-   Cleaning
-   Telephones
-   Promenade
-   Cleaning of beaches
-   Garbage cans



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