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Playa Grande Beach Lanzarote.

Lanzarote. February, 18, 2019.

Playa Grande or Playa Blanca, it is called like this but Lanzarote residents call it Playa Grande. We can say that on this beach in Lanzarote tourism is born.

Playa Grande is ideal for families with children because its calm water, it is a wide and comfortable beach. It is also very well served, possesses service areas with toilets, showers, changing rooms, vending machines for beverages and snacks, renting hammocks, umbrellas, boats and diving equipment for water sports.

One thing to consider is that at this beach is a base of the Red Cross and the beach is monitored by lifeguards.

In front of Shopping Center "Atlántico" the beach is a well decorated with palm trees. A note to highlight is that there are small circular protections with stones, here you can see them resting, reading and sleeping. It's a zone highly visited because it is small and because it is on the same level as the promenade and the beach avenue, also close to the trade of the avenue.

Playa Grande is not just a beach for Lanzarote, is the most representative scene of Puerto del Carmen, here take place the most important event of the year, Ironmán of Lanzarote. Here they also organize the new year celebration with orchestra on the beach avenue and fireworks.

The avenue that runs this area is called Avenida de las Playas, on it you find the largest supply of apartments, restaurants, discos, bars, shops and supermarkets.

Location of Playa Grande Lanzarote

Información General:

Type of beach:


-  General Information: 45 m
-  Average width: 5 m
-  Occupancy rate: High

-  Composition: Sand + Little stones (chippings)
-  Color of sand: Golden
-  Grain of sand: Fine
-  Bathing Conditions: Calm water


Equipment Services:

Photo Gallery:


-   Bus
-   Parking
-   Hoteles
-   Guarded Parking
-   Cleaning of beaches
-   Garbage cans
Playa Grande Lanzarote
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Playa Grande Lanzarote

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